Monday, November 22, 2010

Error: Object Variable Not Set

Error: Object Variable Not Set 

Cause :
User is getting an "Error: Object Variable Not Set" message displayed. Cause: The deletion of the FOLLOWUP folder has been established as one of the causes of the problem.

Resolution: -1 
If this error occurs while in a local replica of mail file or other database, then compacting the database resolves the error. In some instances, deleting the cache.ndk and log.nsf files, located in the C:\NOTES\DATA folder, then rebooting the client will suffice. Creating a new Location document to ensure the location document settings are correct. To create a new location document click here Next, ennsuring your mail database inherits its design from the correct mail template to replace the design of the Notes Mailfile Template. Replicate after replacing the design. 

How to replace mailfile template click here

Solution 2: Check/edit the Local, Office, or Island Location document. Replace if necessary.

How to replace mail file template 

To replace the Notes Mail File template design, follow the steps below: Notes:  

Before proceeding, ensure that you, (the user) have Manager access for the mail file that you want to replace the template for.Also, please ensure that all Views of your mail and calendar are closed. If you have Notes open by default to the Welcome Page and you have selected a Welcome page other than Basics that has an open view of your mail, you should restore the Welcome page selection to Basics.
When a design replace is required, whenever possible, ask the user to perform this task on the server copy of their mail file.

How to replace mail file template 

1. Open the Workspace in Lotus Notes.
2. Right click on the Server copy of the mail file (Icon will say [User's name] on server name like      Dxxmlxxx ].
3. Click on Database.
4. Click on Replace Design
5. In the Template Server field enter the users mailserver name and press Enter.
  6. From the list, select the latest Mail Template like 7v2 or 8v1 depends on the Notes version.

7. Make sure that Inherit future design changes is selected.

8. Click on Replace. 9. Click on Yes. 10. After the template gets replaced, open the mail file once again to make sure that the mail can be accessed and read.

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