Monday, November 22, 2010

Error: I am receiving mails with Doc files as Dat files

Error: I am receiving mails with Doc files as Dat files 
Cause: The problem exists with the sender of the mails.
Symptom: *.Doc files are being received as *.Dat files from external or non Lotus Notes users.
Resolution: The problem lies with the sender of the mail. The person sending the mail is required to update the settings on the e-mail client for Notes to receive the mail in the correct format.
Specify the default message format for one new message you'll create.
From the main Microsoft Outlook window, on the Actions menu, point to New Mail Message Using, and then click the format to be used.

Change the format of a message you received or already created.
With the message open, on the Format menu, click the format to use (Plain Text, HTML, or Rich Text).
Notes:  If Microsoft Word is the e-mail editor, see Word Help. 

Change the format for all messages sent to a particular contact.
Open the contact.
In the E-mail box, double-click the contact's e-mail address.
In the Internet Format list, select the format to use for messages to this recipient.
For Help on the format options, click the question mark, and click the Internet Format box

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