Monday, November 22, 2010

Error: Deleted documents are reappearing after replication

Symptom: Documents deleted from the Mail file reappear after replication.
Resolution: Deleted documents can reappear after replication under one of the following circumstances:
The purge interval is more frequent than the replication schedule: If a document is deleted and the deletion stub is purged before replication, the other replica copy does not have the information that the document has been deleted and replicates the document just like a new document. A database's purge interval is one-third the number of days specified in the Remove documents not modified in the last box (on the Space Savers tab of the Replication Settings dialog box). Either replicate more often or increase the Purge interval.
A document was modified on one database replica after it was deleted on another replica copy: If a document gets modified on one replica copy of the database after it was deleted from another replica, the modified date on the existing document is newer and would overwrite the deletion stub (there is no replication conflict with deletion stubs, the document just reappears).
A document was modified more often than the deleted document: If a document gets modified more often on a replica copy than of the database with the deleted document, it will come back after replication even if it was deleted after the last modification. This is because the sequence number (number of modifications) takes precedence over the modified date - and since there can't be a conflict with a deletion stub it reappears after next replication

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