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Basic Lotus Notes Troubleshoots -I

Most common problem in lotus Notes/inote
1.       Quota error during send/revive mail
Ans. Archive mails to release space from server and the compact the mail if users have proper rights

2.“User name not found on server” during mail configuration
Ans. Type the correct name if not know correct name then
copy and paste the id file name

2.       Remote system no longer responding” during opening mail box
Ans. Check system is in network or not if in network then check
It is pinginging the server or not if not then put the correct server
Name in setting if setting is correct then make entry in hot file for
that server if entry is already is there the check the firewall setting
it should be off if still problem is there then trace server like
this(file>>Preferences>>user preferences>> Ports>>Trace>>trace)
If After trace it shows connected to server and still problem is there
Then reconfigure lotus after taking proper backup

4. Archive setting tool box not opening
Ans. Connect to system admin it is rights issue

5.Name not resolving from address book when type name in new memo
Ans. Exit from lotus and login again if still u found same check location document

6.In archive setting compact tab is not active
Ans.Contact to sysadmin it is rights issue

7.Mail not showing in inbox
Ans. Check view all document and mark unread settingsin the edit menu

8.“you have different password on another id match the password of another id”when we Reconfigure Lotus
Ans. Check the correct id file and replace old id file in data folder with correct id otherwise contact to sysadminto reset password

9.“You are not authorized to open this mail box” When we create mail box icon in workspace Ans.Contact to sys admin in this case

10 User cannot close his read mail window in his inote when his mail opens in separate window
 Ans. Upgrade the Jawathen login againin inote 11 Notes error while Opening the inbox when we open mail box Ans. Kill two services from task manager 1 ntask ldr.exe2 nlnotes.exe and login again

i cannot receive email from my customers even my workmates send me email also i couldnt receive . why is that ? i using lotus note 7.0

QUESTION: Before sending the e-mail, the attachment would be on the proper position, which is shown as below

Dear XXX




Best Regards,


Once it is sent, the recipient would receive the e-mail with the following format.

Dear XXX



Best Regards,

So, how can I avoid such problem? And why does it happen like this?

Many thanks!


ANSWER: Hi Rafael,

This is a matter of the mail format,
If You are not using HTML or RTF as default on the outgoing mails,
the attachment is going to get delivered in the end of the mail,
You'll have to check

File \ Preferences \ User preferences \ Mail \ Internet and set the value of "Internet Mail Format" to "HTML Only".


I've currently set up numerous people on lotus notes and have exported both achieves and address books to the appropriate users and have no issues what so ever and everything runs as it should except, with one user I have set up, when I have selected emails to achieve, then select achieve selected documents. The error message "File cannot be created" pops up and not allowing the achieve to take place. But if I copy and paste or copy and cut, i am able to write those emails to the achieve.  Is there any help so the user can archive her emails like all the other users by archiving selected documents?

Hi Ben,

There are several possibilities, why this error message could pop up,

1.) Archive file is corrupt
2.) One of the mails You intend to archive is corrupt
3.) No sufficient rights on the destination folder / Drive
4.) Problems with the log file.

I would suggest trying the log file thing first,
Go to the archive settings,
and check out the last tab, if the create logfile option is ticked,
untick it, it usually solves the problem.

In case it doesnt, try to create a very new archive criteria, with new destination file,
and give it a try, if not even this is helping,
Run the compact, updall, and fixup commands on the mailbox, database might be corrupt.

IN case of further questions,
Please do not hesitate to come back to me.

Lotus Notes Recovery - NSF File Recovery - Repair Lotus Notes

Resolving Lotus Notes Client Error: 'Database is corrupt'

IBM Lotus Notes is the desktop client option that can be used for e-mailing, instant messaging, calendaring, contact management, etc. and to access local and server (Domino Server) applications and data. The standard container for data in Notes architecture is NSF or Notes Storage Facility. These files contain 'notes' as the basic unit of data storage. 'Notes' can get inaccessible and unreadable for many reasons, including NSF file corruption. NSF files are regarded as local databases and require NSF File Recovery on getting corrupted. Following is one of the possible scenarios and a frequently occurring error message that indicates that the local database of Lotus Notes is corrupt.

Suppose you use Lotus Notes for important e-mail conversation with your business clients. But one day, when you try to open one of the relevant NSF file created within Lotus client, it doesn't behave as expected. The file cannot be opened and on each attempt of opening the file, it gives the below error message:

“Database is corrupt -- cannot allocate space”

Similar error can occur on trying to close the database.


Among other reasons, the most probable reason for the above error to occur is corruption of NSF file of Lotus Notes client.


Corrupted local databases of Lotus Notes can be repaired using 'command prompt' versions of server database maintenance tools- 'Fixup', 'Updall', and 'Compact'. Their local versions are named as nfixup.exe, nupdall.exe and ncompact.exe. If not available, you can copy nfixup and ncompact from Domino folder to LotusNotes folder and then run using the below set of commands from command prompt on desktop computer:

nfixup c:lotusnotesdata(filename)
nupdall -r c:lotusnotesdata(filename)
ncompact c:lotusnotesdata(filename)

You may be prompted to enter the Lotus Notes password to run these commands. Also, keep in mind to backup the file in issue to avoid any post consequences.

In case, the above utilities fail to repair the corrupted NSF file, you need to use a third-party Lotus Notes Recovery software. NSF File Recovery tools are high-end programs designed to scan and repair corrupted Lotus Notes NSF files with effective algorithms.

Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery is a comprehensive solution that can repair corrupted Lotus Notes files created with Lotus Notes 6.x and 7.x. This Lotus Notes Recovery tool can restore all e-mails, attachments, calendars, contacts, and other objects. It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, NT4 (SP6).

What is ACL ?
Access Comtrol List
What are the diff type of ACL access ?
Manager ,Designer , Editor ,Authour ,Reader , Depositor , Np Access
Diff Between Manager Access and Designer Access ?
Manager - He can create the database with the manager access ,delete,encrpt and compact the documents.
Designaer : He can access designer elements like view , forms ....
He can create the FT Index ,He can delete the documents with manager access.
Diff between Editor access and authour access ?
Editor :He can create ,read and modify the document ,he can delete the document with Manager Access
Authour : He can read the document and delete the document if authour is the owner of the document.

What is clustering ?
Group of two or more server provides the users with consistant access.
Domino cluster continually communicate with each other to keep update on the status of each server and keep database replicas syncronized.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Error: Network operation did not complete in a reasonable amount of time

Error: Network operation did not complete in a reasonable amount of time 

Resolution: Check if the user is able to browse the intranet and internet. 
If the user has no connectivity, first resolve the network connectivity issue. 
If the user is able to browse the intranet and use internet follow the steps below.
1. Have the user close their local and/or server mail file.
2. Click on the File menu, select Preferences and then click on User Preferences.
3. On the left hand side of the window, click on Ports.
4. Click once on TCP/IP in the Communication Ports list.
5. Click on the TCPIP Options button
6. Increase the time-out value to 60 or 90 seconds. Note: 
If the user already has 60 seconds or more, decrease the time-out value to 5 seconds.
7. Click on OK.

Follow These Step :
8. Have the user perform the action that was giving them the error.
9. If the problem persists, clear and configure the Personal Web Navigator database.
10. Close Lotus Notes.
11. Click on the Windows Start button then click on Run.
12. Type: c:\notes\notes.ini in the Open: text field, then click on OK.
13. Search for the line similar to TCPIP=TCP, 0, 15, 0 as shown in the screen capture below.
14.Change this entry to TCPIP=TCP, 0, 15, 2000 ,,12288 (One space in between each comma and two spaces after 2000).
15. Save and close the notes.ini file.
16. Start Lotus Notes and have the user perform the action that was giving them the error.
17. If the problem still persists and is related to a local database replica (example: sending mail from the local mail replica), rename the old replica and recreate it.
18. If the above steps have not resolved the user's issue, reinstall TCP/IP. .

Error: Notes directory is not valid

Error: Notes directory is not valid 

When launching the Lotus Notes 7 client, the following error is displayed

"Notes directory is not valid

Check the attributes of the C:\Notes\Data and C:\Notes folders. The folder may
be set as Read-Only. Remove the Read-Only checkmark, click OK and apply
to all folders and sub-folders when prompted. Launch Lotus Notes again.

Cause:Recent refresh of computer with local DCS and inability to launch notes since then. 

Error: Object Variable Not Set

Error: Object Variable Not Set 

Cause :
User is getting an "Error: Object Variable Not Set" message displayed. Cause: The deletion of the FOLLOWUP folder has been established as one of the causes of the problem.

Resolution: -1 
If this error occurs while in a local replica of mail file or other database, then compacting the database resolves the error. In some instances, deleting the cache.ndk and log.nsf files, located in the C:\NOTES\DATA folder, then rebooting the client will suffice. Creating a new Location document to ensure the location document settings are correct. To create a new location document click here Next, ennsuring your mail database inherits its design from the correct mail template to replace the design of the Notes Mailfile Template. Replicate after replacing the design. 

How to replace mailfile template click here

Solution 2: Check/edit the Local, Office, or Island Location document. Replace if necessary.

How to replace mail file template 

To replace the Notes Mail File template design, follow the steps below: Notes:  

Before proceeding, ensure that you, (the user) have Manager access for the mail file that you want to replace the template for.Also, please ensure that all Views of your mail and calendar are closed. If you have Notes open by default to the Welcome Page and you have selected a Welcome page other than Basics that has an open view of your mail, you should restore the Welcome page selection to Basics.
When a design replace is required, whenever possible, ask the user to perform this task on the server copy of their mail file.

How to replace mail file template 

1. Open the Workspace in Lotus Notes.
2. Right click on the Server copy of the mail file (Icon will say [User's name] on server name like      Dxxmlxxx ].
3. Click on Database.
4. Click on Replace Design
5. In the Template Server field enter the users mailserver name and press Enter.
  6. From the list, select the latest Mail Template like 7v2 or 8v1 depends on the Notes version.

7. Make sure that Inherit future design changes is selected.

8. Click on Replace. 9. Click on Yes. 10. After the template gets replaced, open the mail file once again to make sure that the mail can be accessed and read.

Error: Operation failed when creating a new memo

Error: Operation failed when creating a new memo 

Resolution: To resolve this problem, follow the steps below: 1. Open the inbox and from this view: a. 

Click on Actions, then Tools. b. Click on Preferences. 2. Click on the Mail Tab. 3. Select the Signature
 tab. 4. 
Click on the HTML or Image File button. 5. Check to make sure the path for the signature is correct.

 You can also click the browse button which will allow you navigate to the correct signature file. 6. Select the signature and press OK. 

Error: "Error Updating Local ID File - Either ID file is Read Only or Write Protected"

Error: "Error Updating Local ID File - Either ID file is Read Only or Write Protected" 

Symptom: When attempting to start the Notes Client, the following error is displayed:
"Error Updating Local ID File - Either ID file is Read Only or Write Protected"

Right click the ID file and select Properties. 
Uncheck the Read Only option.

Error: "The server's Domino directory does not contain any cross certificates capable of authenticating you

Error: "The server's Domino directory does not contain any cross certificates capable of authenticating you

Symptom: I am getting the error message "The server's Domino directory does not contain any cross certificates capable of authenticating you".

Resolution -1
Solution 1:  Ensure connection to a GNA Notes Server by:
Checking the name of the Server. GNA servers use the naming convention DxMLyyy or DxxDBLyy
If the server can be opened without the use of a Connection Document, then it is GNA.
IF attempting to connect to a non-GNA server, contact the Server Administrator.

Resolution -2
Solution 2: Make sure the correct ID file is being used.
IF more than one copy of their Notes ID file is being used, THEN determine which one is the newest via File Properties (Creation Date) and ensure that this is being used by Notes

Solution 3: Make sure that the current Location Document is correctly configured for your Mail Server. Also ensure that the Passthru Server field does not contain a non-GNA Server.

Solution 4: Create a new Location Document. For additional information about creating a new location document, click here. 

Solution 5: Create a new Personal Address Book. Do not     forget to copy the Contacts from the old Address Book to the new one.
Solution 6: Strip Notes.ini.
Cause: Cross Certificates are used by Notes to allow Notes ID's from outside your Organization to access one of your Servers.

Error: All mails are showing as read, also unable to get the High Importance and Normal View

Error: All mails are showing as read, also unable to get the High Importance and Normal View

Resolution: - 1
Symptom: All e-mails are shown as read; also the High Importance and Normal views are missing.
Resolution: Follow the steps outlined below to solve the problem:
Click the option View All.
Click the Who column header.
Resolution: - 2

Creating another address book.
On the File menu, select Database, and click New.
In the Specify New Database Name And Location area of the New Database dialog box, enter a title for the new address book in the Title field.
Enter a file name in the File Name field. Use a different file name than the existing address books.
In the Specify Template For New Database area, select Personal Address Book from the Template list box.
Click the OK button to start creating the new address book template.
Close the About tab of the new address book.

Resolution: - 3
1. To create a new Location document, copy and paste, then update, an existing Location document, or create a new one from the beginning.
     On the File menu, select Mobile, and click Locations.
2. On the New menu button, click Location or copy and paste an existing document.
    Click the Basics tab.
3. Click the Location Type keyword button, select Local Area Network in the Keywords list box, and click OK.
4. In the Location Name field, enter a meaningful name for this location.
    Click the Servers tab.
5. In the Home/ Mail Server field, enter the name of the server on which the Mail database is located. If necessary, find this information in the regional Name            & Address Book.
     In the IBM Lotus Sametime Server field, enter to use the Notes IM client for this location.
6. Click the Ports tab.
7. In the Ports area, select only the TCPIP checkbox in the Ports To Use area.
    Click the Mail tab.
8. Click the Mail File Location keywords button, select Local in the Keywords list box, and click OK.
9. In the Mail File field, enter the path and file name of the local Mail database. If unsure, check the database properties for the Mail database to confirm.
10.In the Domino Mail Domain field, enter the name of the local mail domain; for example IBMUS or IBMUK, depending on location.
11. All other settings can be left to default, or configured according to other instructions elsewhere in this guide.
      Click Save & Close to save the changes Book

Error: Although the 'Out of Office' agent is enabled in the mailfile, the agent does not run

Error: Although the 'Out of Office' agent is enabled in the mailfile, the agent does not run 

Symptom: I have enabled the 'Out of Office' (OoO) agent. However if a person sends me an e-mail, no OoO notification is received.
Verify when the Out of Office agent was enabled
Notice that once the Out of Office agent is enabled it can take up to one hour to start running.
Also, when sending an e-mail to an OoO enabled mail file it can take up to 90 minutes for the OoO notification to be received.
Therefore, you have to wait a minimum of 2 and a half hours to confirm that there is a problem with the Out of Office agent.
Replace the design of the Mail file
Click here for information on replacing the design of the Mail file.
Enable background agents
Confirm that the current location document is properly pointing at your mail file and server.
Right click the mail database icon in server and select Database > Properties.
On the Database Basics tab, make sure that Disable background agents for this database is deselected.

Error: Attempted encryption operation is not supported in this version of Notes

Error: Attempted encryption operation is not supported in this version of Notes 

Symptom: When trying to configure Lotus Notes or start up Lotus Notes, the following error message is received:
"Attempted encryption operation is not supported in this version of Notes"
Solution 1:  If there are multiple Lotus Notes users on one machine, check that the Personal Address Book is not encrypted.
Right click on the Personal Address Book and select Database > Properties.
Click on Encryption Settings.
Make sure that the option Do not locally encrypt this database is selected.
Note: If an error is received that the database is encrypted, or not authorized to access it, Then to the correct ID file of the encrypted local Address Book and remove the encryption.
Solution 2: Create a new Personal Address Book. For more information on creating a new Personal Address Book, click here.
Cause: Personal Address Book encrypted or corrupt.

Error: Cannot see the Out Of Office action

Make sure that you are using a supported Notes 7 Client.
Ensure that your full Notes Address is listed as the owner of the mail file.
Close Notes.
Open the Notes.ini file (Normally found in C:\Notes\data)
Press CTRL and F to search for the phrase OEMClient
IF the value associated with the OEMClient variable is set to 1 THEN delete the entire line from the file, save and close, then restart Notes.
IF the value associated with the OEMClient variable is set to 0 or if it does not exist in the notes.ini file THEN go to step 4.
Replace the design of the mail file.

Error: Deleted documents are reappearing after replication

Symptom: Documents deleted from the Mail file reappear after replication.
Resolution: Deleted documents can reappear after replication under one of the following circumstances:
The purge interval is more frequent than the replication schedule: If a document is deleted and the deletion stub is purged before replication, the other replica copy does not have the information that the document has been deleted and replicates the document just like a new document. A database's purge interval is one-third the number of days specified in the Remove documents not modified in the last box (on the Space Savers tab of the Replication Settings dialog box). Either replicate more often or increase the Purge interval.
A document was modified on one database replica after it was deleted on another replica copy: If a document gets modified on one replica copy of the database after it was deleted from another replica, the modified date on the existing document is newer and would overwrite the deletion stub (there is no replication conflict with deletion stubs, the document just reappears).
A document was modified more often than the deleted document: If a document gets modified more often on a replica copy than of the database with the deleted document, it will come back after replication even if it was deleted after the last modification. This is because the sequence number (number of modifications) takes precedence over the modified date - and since there can't be a conflict with a deletion stub it reappears after next replication

Error: Documents cannot be moved when the document is opened and then the user uses Action - Folder - Move to folder

Error: Documents cannot be moved when the document is opened and then the user uses Action - Folder - Move to folder 

Symptom: Documents could not be moved when they were opened and then Action > Folder > Move to folder was used.
Resolution: Upgrade folder design manually (Actions > Upgrade this folder design).
Cause: Problem with the design of the folder.

Error: I am receiving mails with Doc files as Dat files

Error: I am receiving mails with Doc files as Dat files 
Cause: The problem exists with the sender of the mails.
Symptom: *.Doc files are being received as *.Dat files from external or non Lotus Notes users.
Resolution: The problem lies with the sender of the mail. The person sending the mail is required to update the settings on the e-mail client for Notes to receive the mail in the correct format.
Specify the default message format for one new message you'll create.
From the main Microsoft Outlook window, on the Actions menu, point to New Mail Message Using, and then click the format to be used.

Change the format of a message you received or already created.
With the message open, on the Format menu, click the format to use (Plain Text, HTML, or Rich Text).
Notes:  If Microsoft Word is the e-mail editor, see Word Help. 

Change the format for all messages sent to a particular contact.
Open the contact.
In the E-mail box, double-click the contact's e-mail address.
In the Internet Format list, select the format to use for messages to this recipient.
For Help on the format options, click the question mark, and click the Internet Format box

Lotus notes Error: File already exists

Lotus notes Error: File already exists 

Cause: The Bookmark.nsf file has became corrupted.

Symptom: The "File already exists" error displays when opening Lotus Notes (after having entered the password)
Resolution:  Follow the solutions below:
Solution 1
Close Lotus Notes
Find and rename the Bookmark.nsf file
Restart Lotus Notes
Be aware of any customized buttons in the bookmark file. They will be lost since Notes will create a new Bookmark.nsf file to replace the renamed one.
Solution 2
Recreate names.nsf and strip notes.ini.
Recreate location document.